Late March 2022
NFT Drop
NOS’s first ever unique NFT watch collection (exact supply and date to be confirmed).
The genesis collection pays homage to a range of iconic vintage watch models. Each watch will have distinctive vintage watch features with assigned rarities and criteria, these may include patina-ed lumes, rare stone dials, tropical dials, different bezels etc.
There will also be an extremely limited quantity of unique 1-of-1 designs and 3D animated models of rare NOS NFTs assigned randomly to lucky NFT holders.
The goal is to make our first drop as smooth as possible. The drop release date will be announced as soon as the project’s quality and technical aspects are fully established.
We aim to receive constructive input from the community and will work hard to create an engaging community on our social media platforms via Discord and Twitter to take this project to another level.
April 2022
Exclusive Airdrops to our first NOS NFT collection HODLers
Box and Papers + 3D Model Drops
In the current vintage watch market, watches with their box and papers are more desirable and collectible and generally bear a higher market price. Our aim is to recreate the vintage watch scene on the metaverse, there will be a Box and Papers airdrop shortly after the first NFT collection drop. Please stay tuned to more details being released on this matter.
We aim to create 3D models for selected NFT holders and contest winners on their existing NFT. This will be via an airdrop as well.
Watches sold in a full set with the 3D model and box & papers will be of limited quantities only (NOT all NFT holders will be eligible for this air drop).
May - June 2022
DAO Set-up and $NOS IDO
$NOS Token Drop
After the successful launch of our NFT and air drops, the team will set-up a DAO to invest and purchase real-life watches at public auctions and private sale events. Ownership of the DAO will be recognized through the governance token $NOS issued through an IDO.
Immediately after the watches investments are made, the team will start working on setting up the staking platform for $NOS token holders.
A % of proceeds from the first NFT collection sale will be invested into the DAO, whereby ALL NFT holders are entitled to receive an allocated airdrop of the $NOS token issued.
Specific tokenomics details will be shared at a later stage after our first NFT drop and DAO set-up. The community owns the DAO, and the community will vote on all actions, including purchases.
The team will hold regular AMAs to discuss future plans and to address community concerns. AMA Schedules will be announced before each AMA.
Mid - Late 2022
NOS collectibles immersed into the Metaverse
Wearable NFT Collaboration
NOS has plans to further collaborate with other partners in the metaverse with potential projects including:
  • NOS watch as wearables in crypto games + metaverse fashion collections;
  • Extreme rare NOS watches displayed in an exhibition/ museum built in the Metaverse;
  • Forging your exclusive NOS watch through modification of NOS watch parts drops




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The Marketing Phenom
1. What is an NFT?
2. What digital wallet should I use when making transactions?
3. What is the token standard utilized for this project?
4. What are gas fees?
5. When is the launch?
6. What is the total supply?
7. How much will a NOS NFT watch cost?
8. How many watches can I buy at a time?
9. Where can I buy the NOS NFT watches?
10. When will the reveal take place?
11. What about gas? Will there be potential gas wars during the mint process?
12. What if the transaction fails during the minting process and I lose ETH or money on transaction fees?
13. How do I participate in the presale and how do I get on the Whitelist?
14. Will I be able to use a hardware wallet to mint?
15. What are the wallets supported for the minting process?
16. Are you in any way affiliated with any specific brand designs?